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"SOUL profiles the exquisite work of RMIT PhD student Pia Interlandi, who has found her calling in designing garments for the grave. As well as pondering the nature and possible location of the soul, the film poses a range of related questions: Why design for death? Why dress the dead? Interlandi answers the questions with intelligence, passion and compassion as Sullivan's film grows into a thoughtful meditation about life and death."

"Soul" premiered on the ABC (Australia) March 26th, 2013
Running time: 29 minutes
Writer/Director: Larin Sullivan
Producer: Julie Eckersley
DOP: Jody Muston
Editor: Julianne DeRuvo
Music by: Claire Deak and Tony Dupe
Produced by Matchbox Pictures, 2013.

Nestlé - Made of Milo
Directed by: Larin Sullivan
Produced by: Karen Watson, The Feds
Editor: Jessica Mustacio, The Editors
Creative: Hamish Grieve, Reborn
DOP: Anna Howard
Music & Mix: Rafael May
For Facebook, 2014
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Agender - Mani Pedi (2:29)
Music Video, VHS and HD
Agender / Desire Records

Director / DOP: Larin Sullivan
Edited by Jess Mutacio at The Editors, Newtown
Production Design Jess Hill
Colorist Yoomin Lee

Featured in Vice (AU), The Thousands, Hartzine (FR), IHEARTCOMIX and Diva Magazine (UK).

Made for A G E N D E R

"Mani Pedi" - A G E N D E R (Desire Records) from Larin Sullivan on Vimeo.

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Bike Job
Her first day as a pot messenger in NYC has a steep learning curve.

Director/Writer: Larin Sullivan
with Kym Perfetto, Matt Hanley and Moe Bertran
Producer: Crystal Campbell
DOP/Cinematography: Kamil Plocki
Editor: Nicole Brending
Production Design: Crystal Campbell
Thanks: Tom Kalin, Maria Gallagher, Lauryn Siegel and Tommy Everett.

The Job premiered at the Bicycle Film Festival in NYC, 2011.

Hadley + Maxwell (2:53)

Director / Producer / Camera: Larin Sullivan
Editor: Aimee Kubo
Additional Footage / Runner: Jamie Gray
Produced for: Canada Down Under / 19th Biennale of Sydney